Networking, DNS, Nameservers and all that

Here are some free network tools and information sources that I either use, like, or think are cool:

  • - Is it just me or is this computer slow? My favorite internet speedtest site. There are several good speedtest sites out there, I happen to  like this one. 
  • - Again, there are a bizzilion WhoIs sites out there, this one seems as good as any. What I like about it mostly is it isn't GoDaddy. GoDaddy sucks. They really do, on many levels. 
  • WooRank - not a bad website analyzer. they try to get you to pay for more advanced features, as does every other site I've found that provides this type of service. 
  • PCnames  - Another good domain check engine.
  • DNSstuff - A lot of useful, free DNS tools. Click here to download a sample report for this website.